What is the Organizations of NE Spokane?

Organizations of NE Spokane (ONES) is an alliance Greater Hillyard and Northeast Spokane. Membership is open to all organizations who serve northeast Spokane that want to work together to make our neighborhood a better place. ONES started, out of previous partnerships and a neighborhood planning effort, in December of 2012 as an alliance of the three neighborhood councils of Whitman, Bemiss, and Hillyard joined by the business association, community development steering committee and the Northeast Community Center. This partnership was formed by a shared commitment: to improve the community of Northeast Spokane through one single voice. This single voice has allowed ONES and its participating organizations to accomplish some great things in a very short time.

ONES has helped organize the largest neighborhood cleanup in the city, through it’s Clean and Green Strategy. We have hosted several events, recruiting numerous members of the community to run Block Watches. ONES sees Block Watches as the building block of a united community. ONES has helped organize a graffiti abatement team for the three neighborhoods headed by volunteers from Gateway Church, while recruiting others to participate and educating on graffiti procedures. We have also collaborated closely with local colleges and high schools, bringing the youth out into our community in new and exciting ways. Additionally, as the Neighborhood Councils always have, ONES serves as the official voice of the neighborhoods with our government agencies from the City of Spokane to WSDOT.

Going into the future, ONES hopes to continue riding the momentum of these great experiences and successes by creating annual events for each of the neighborhoods to build community and by being the truly unified voice of the region. We will grow our membership to include large non-profits that serve our neighborhood like the Salvation Army. We will focus our work on the priorities of our neighborhood like improving public safety, in the traditional ways, but also with education and instilling pride in our community. Another focus of ONES and the community is promoting economic growth and fostering job development like the NE Public Development Authority to transform East Hillyard into a modern thriving industrial park with many new jobs. We will continue to be the link between the local schools and the community and continue to improve the look and feel of Greater Hillyard.

If your organization would like join ONES or you would like more information, contact our chair, Travis Guiley at 907-764-4821 or by email at travis.guiley@nespokane.org