Stakeholder Opinions: The Basis for Strategy Teams’ Efforts

The first seven Strategy areas became the focus of selected teams, made up from GHNEPA members and other area volunteers.  Their task was to consider every single stakeholder comment, using each as guides to recommend either specific projects, or new processes for future community action.


In Strategy Five and Strategy Six, limited input from portions of the business/economic community left these recommendation areas incomplete.  This gap generated a meeting of property and business owners, hosted by Mayor Mary Verner.  Their purpose: to establish means to improve both infrastructure and facilities for the economic redevelopment of East Hillyard, the developing industrial area.  In these Strategy Areas, as in most others, efforts in the community are not waiting for a published plan to start actions.  The Mayor’s meeting kicked off a series of meetings that may soon lead to a funding mechanism for physical improvements in the East Hillyard industrial area.


Recommendations in Strategy Areas 8, 9, and 10 were assessed by the combined membership of GHNEPA, because of their more general impact on all other Strategy Areas, and on the community as a whole.  Recommendations in these Strategies are based on the continuation of GHNEPA’s efforts to unify the community.  Strategy 10, for example, specifically proposes a formal organization that will focus future efforts in Greater Hillyard toward achieving the community’s stated goals and objectives.


This has been an eventful time for the volunteers in the NE Neighborhoods who founded, then made GHNEPA’s work a reality,  The changes proposed here depend of course on the continuing effort by these same dedicated people, working with the community’s stakeholders.  For the first time in decades, Greater Hillyard has a comprehensive definition for a vastly improved future.  All of us volunteers look forward to developing the details to achieve this vision.

Sidewalk Art

Chalk Art Walk 2009 contestant, with his entry, “The Hillyard Neighborhood Where I Want to Live.”



GHNEPA’s signs popped GHNEPA Signup at every community event during 2009, with staff from the team to collect survey results or “sticky-note” inputs from any & all stakeholders.


GHNEPA asked dozens of kids to finish the question:

“My Neighborhood is…”

Drawing 2

 Drawing 1

Here one young man said at the 2009 Hispanic Festival, …”a good neighborhood to live in.”


Another youngster depicted the future of Hillyard with a space theme,

 Drawing 3

…and one wanted a neighborhood that “Wins prizes, just like in [a favorite video] game.


Another new friend at the Hispanic Festival told us that the ideal neighborhood would be like a “Wonder Slide, where everyone has fun!”

 Drawing 4 

Respectfully Submitted,


J.R. Sloan,

Manager, GHNEPA


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