Strategy 1: Improving Parks and Trails

Goal: To develop and improve parks and trails making them useful and safe for community and family gatherings and activities.


1.1 Objective: Gatherings for strengthened sense of community.


1.1.1. Develop a series of community-wide events in the parks; create ways to get to know neighbors including a neighborhood concert series and neighborhood picnics/ potlucks

1.1.2. Family safe parks- organize residents around a campaign to make the neighborhood parks safe for children and families both day and night. (Strategy 4).

1.1.3. Do information sessions on resources and services available to neighborhoods and its citizens.

1.1.4. Assistance from such sources as civic organizations, parks dept. police, steering committee, churches, seed money sources, etc. (strategy 7, strategy 10)


1.2 Objective: Increase awareness and attendance of neighborhood events.    (Strategy 7, Strategy 10) 


1.2.1. Encourage neighborhood networking sources and reactivate such programs as block watch that encourage community togetherness (i.e. block watch, emergency management programs, McGruff House etc.) (Strategy 4).

1.2.2. Make use of both currently in place web sites and networking sites to create a system of resources and people such as a commercially-viable or self-supporting newsletter (i.e., the Hobo Newsletter) available in electronic and print format.

1.2.3. Find a “home” for local P.R. and while GHBA has an existing system that works find a way to make this sustainable.

1.2.4. Take advantage of school publications and newsletters to promote neighborhood events.

1.2.5. Have TV/ radio public service announcements for free activities especially for youth

1.2.6. Have an annual meeting of organizations and churches to encourage partnering.  (see Strategy 10)

1.2.7. Create a neighborhood directory of businesses and organizations. Provide public instructions as to what and how to use businesses and resources available.
1.3 Objective: Improve parks and paths and increase their use.


1.3.1. Neighborhood Stewardship of neighborhood parks. Neighborhoods allowed the initiative to clean up and maintain parks in their area, rather then wait for city to do it.

1.3.2. Potentially use CDBG funds to manage and maintain parks. *Create accountability system from parks to neighborhoods.

1.3.3. Have a coloring or art contest to involve youth in stating their needs and wants in regard to park planning. Involving youth will help create ownership. Promote special awards to those designs that allow for accessibility for elderly and disabled.

1.3.4. Plan and develop infrastructure in parks to include amphitheatre and electricity

1.3.5. Link parks and community gardens by walking paths with signage


1.4 Objective: Use school buildings and grounds for events 


1.4.1. Obtain assistance from schools for some of the above events.

1.4.2. Coordinate with students regarding projects for input and assistance. 1.4.3. Request that schools allowed participation as part of student required service projects.

1.4.4. Request use of school facilities as back up spot for community events in case of bad weather.

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