Strategy 10: More Effective Community Organization

GoalTo increase the value and effectiveness of participation in community organizations in the Greater Hillyard neighborhoods.

Objectives: To improve coordination, recruiting and training more leaders and resident participants, and by developing stronger representation in City government.

10.1 Objective: To Create a Leadership Roundtable.


10.1.1 Unify the GH-NE organizations by their common goals.  Quarterly or as-needed meetings to review GHNEPA goals, with accountability and coordinated effort between organizations.  This institutionalization is needed for overall neighborhood efforts to grow and get bigger and better. Institutionalizing the process without losing the personality and the freedom of individual organizations, the essence of GH-NE.

10.1.2 This would be the clearing house for the Greater Hillyard “One Voice” concept.

10.1.3 Establish a rotation of leadership to make sure one organization does not dominate.


10.2 Objective: To Establish Ongoing Vigorous Recruitment Program.


10.2.1 Develop effective means for recruiting more stakeholders to participate in community organizations, projects, and activities.

10.2.2 General Concepts: Empowerment:  Use Roundtable representation to empower more schools and churches to get involved.  Engage Block Watches and similar grass roots organizations and empower them as well. Clear communication:  Use websites, contact persons, and other clear channels of communications for volunteers to get involved and their opinions heard.  Establish a community directory; a listing of what facilities, services and organizations are available. (Directory is in Strategy 1) Validation:  Validate the opinions and complaints of outspoken people to try to channel their energy into positive action.

Inclusion:  Get more folks involved into the discussion and decision making process.

10.2.3 Specific Ideas: Establish a goal for each organization to recruit 10% new active membership each year (or a high enough percentage to grow the organization while accounting for loss of membership) and get them involved in the Leadership Roundtable. Activate a renewed community-wide Block Watch Program (a good means of communication and a source for recruiting additional leaders). Need to find a way to integrate Block Watch programs into Roundtables.

10.2.3..2.2 Issue initiated in Strategy 7 and others. Sponsor Town Hall meetings over “hot button issues” to engage potential volunteers. Actively recruit people into participation via community picnics (Strategy 1 & 7) Sponsor periodic/regular community leadership skills training.  (Course outlines that exist are available to leaders) Get the different larger employers (URM, Leisure Concepts, Hollister-Stier etc.) to have their employees be volunteers.  Ideally the employees would be paid by the employer for their volunteer time (full or half time) or a “Comcast Cares”-type model for special projects. Designate a specific person to outreach to potential volunteers and make the “ask.”  If a person is specifically asked they are more likely to get involved.


10.3 Objective: To Establish Paid Staff Position for Leadership Roundtable, Neighborhood Resources Coordinator.


10.3.1 Create a Board to insure funding: donations, grants, foundations, etc. Position to coordinate, not give orders, not be a lackey.  Office Manager, executive director, etc.  Would report to the President of the Board.  [Can’t let “boss” mentality squash volunteer spirit. Can’t let volunteers transfer their work to paid coordinator.] Could tie in with either GHBA Organizational Coordinator and/or Steering Committee CNDC.


10.4 Objective: To Develop Increased Representation At All Levels Of Government And Other Influential Organizations.


10.4.1 Recruit members to Neighborhood Councils who are interested/qualified/effective in being on Advisory Boards of the City/County/State.

10.4.2 Advertise board and commission opportunities.

10.4.3 Develop method to identify people who would be interested.

10.4.4 Develop representatives through leadership training to be qualified and effective.

10.4.5 Method to facilitate GH-NE citizens running for office and/or serving on committees and boards.

10.4.6 Team up organizations to support candidates via a practiced method (ala GHBA press releases).

10.4.7 Strategically position representatives in offices and boards/commissions through deliberate action.

10.4.8 Sponsor candidate academy as adjunct to community leadership training with a curriculum for effective representation that would “certify” graduates as representatives of GH-NE area.

10.4.9 Above referenced academy would focus on equal division of resources, as would strategic positioning of candidates.

10.4.10 Need more effective representation to receive increased resources. 

10.4.11 Strategically identify areas of under-service or top-priority needs.  Use results to catalyze public and private resources to the GH-NE area.  Could overlay on strategy matrix of representatives.

10.4.12 Increase voter turn out;

I10.4.13 Increase participation and making a difference:

10.4.14 Foster the creation of a public opinion, instead of the current state of apathy, based on success.

10.4.15 Educate voters that they can effect change, people don’t believe they can.

10.4.16 Illustrate and communicate successes to inspire others.

(Ref: Strategy 7)

10.4.17 Sponsor candidate forums/debates to introduce voters to candidates and increase educated voting.

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