Strategy 2: Improved Housing & Commercial Buildings

Goal for Residential Housing: To support efforts to upgrade the quality of housing stock throughout Hillyard’s residential environments, encouraging current residents to participate in programs to improve their homes and surrounding properties, creating more opportunities for current and future residents to cooperate in continuing to develop a more vibrant community and in promoting Hillyard’s housing market as a good investment.


2.1 Objective: Improve Maintenance, Upkeep, New Improvements and Values of Residences


2.1.1 GHBA Economic Development Committee and the GHBA Education/Training and Research Committee develop the following projects & processes:. Lists of types of products and services needed for home maintenance; Identify gaps in local providers or types of products (project) Identify and recruit separate business operations to supply them; (process) Help market these businesses in a concerted community effort (process) Identify local needs for, and encourage development of local sustainable, “green” businesses. (Project, leading to ongoing process) Confer with Skills Center construction trades educators to: Explore current curriculum, (project) and Propose additions to recruit, train and assist young adults to become employed in neighborhood green businesses (project, leading to ongoing process) Encourage the Skills Center and other relevant agencies to develop training projects that would accomplish actual building improvements in the community (ongoing process) Identify federal, state and local programs (project) that:

provide residents: Maintenance assistance in the forms of local grants or services, Low interest loans, Rebates on equipment and services and /or

lowered energy bills, and Regularly disseminate information on the above to residents (process)


2.1.2 Support and enforce community appearance and pride by Developing a data base of residential (and commercial?) buildings (project, leading to recurring process) described by address, property owner, outward appearance/condition of buildings Working with the C.O.P.S. shop (and City Code Enforcement Branch of Neighborhood Services Office) (process) to: Aid in enforcing notification of landlords when police are called to their properties. Help identify landlords using publicly-available tax rolls Keep a ‘quick list’ current to quickly identify repeat offenses


2.1.3. The GHNEPA Image Committee arrange for design and printing of: (recurring process) Brochures with graphics, statistics and general information about the Greater Hillyard community that make its housing market a good investment Establish criteria and institute an annual recognition program for residents improving and maintaining their properties, providing: Certificates of commendation for achievements under the criteria/guidelines, and Gift certificates for outstanding achievements of related supplies.




Goal for Commercial and Businesses Buildings: To promote the upkeep, improvement, compatibility, and renovation of commercial buildings in the area consistent with district identity and expansion of design coordinated commercial development.


2.2 Objective: To improve maintenance, upkeep, new improvements and to increase Values of commercial structures in the GHNEPA area.


2.2.1. Neighborhood Councils separately and/or jointly develop a structure to effectively work with the Departments of Planning, Building, and Neighbor-hood Business Centers in improving the commercial properties in the area.

2.2.2. Neighborhood Councils develop building and zoning standards subcommittees to assist in the City-mandated reviews of new construction projects to include (precedent City Code 17G.040.020): extended terms of service to justify City training for subcommittee members, local review criteria for design and use by the review subcommittees, and mandatory completion of subcommittee recommendations for City consideration.

2.2.3. Neighborhood Councils to work with City departments to achieve the status of a “Main Street” program in order to qualify for the additional federal funding.

2.2.4. Encourage all neighborhood organizations to expand district wide participation among firms in the GHNEPA neighborhoods to establish commercial branding and consistent area development.

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