Strategy 3: Clean and Green GHNEPA Neighborhoods

Goal: To clean up and then green up the neighborhoods making them more appealing and healthier for residents.

3.1 Objective:  To implement cleaning and greening projects and processes that are currently workable and important.


3.1.1. Continue and expand the popular and effective Spring Clean-up Campaign in the Hillyard, Whitman and Bemiss neighborhoods.

3.1.2. Pursue Graffiti Education, developing and using a widespread program through organizations reaching individuals in the neighborhoods.  This is an area-wide as well as a neighborhood problem, so many groups will have to work together to eliminate the tags as well as the causes.

3.1.3. Neighborhood Councils should partner with City of Spokane on code enforcement regarding abandoned vehicles and unsightly lots and yards.

3.1.4. Establish and expand Community Food Gardens. The popular Rypien Field program managed by the NE Community Center has expanded to a second, the Pumphouse Garden at Crestline and Hoffman.  Using this expertise and other available city assets, create an organization to create and support more community garden programs.  

3.1.5. Establish and support a plant exchange and free seedlings program for the GHNEPA neighborhoods.  Many people and businesses have excess plants particularly early in the year. They could help residents and businesses fill flower beds, yards and possibly vacant lots with flowers rather than weeds.

3.1.6. Neighborhood Councils should work with City departments and grassroots neighborhood groups to eliminate noxious weeds in Hillyard. Many areas around the neighborhoods have noxious and nuisance weeds that are not only unattractive but costly. In addition to expense of removing weeds is the concern of pollution from chemical weed killers used both privately and commercially, that would not be needed if weed-elimination steps are established.


3.2. Objective:  To leverage the benefits to the community to achieve broader objectives by teaming with other community efforts to improve the community’s appearance and health status.


3.2.1 Cleanup campaign. This popular program is working well. We can increase its impact by combining with Team 4 – Public Safety improvement and Team 7- Changing the Image

3.2.2 Graffiti Education. Teams 4 (Public Safety) and 7 (Image Improvement) could partner with us in this effort. One team has made some strides already.  In addition, this program could be emphasized at block level if emphasized through the rejuvenation of the COPS Block Watch Program.

3.2.3. Code enforcement. We could work with team 7 (Image Improvement) and the City on this item.

3.2.4. Community Gardens. This continuing project seems to be working well.  Support through the neighborhood councils and other community organizations should be continued and emphasized where possible. We would encourage recruiting or forming gardening clubs or similar in the area (3.2.5.).

3.2.5. Plant exchange. There has been a lot of local interest in this item. Several sources have been recommended to help including Fresh Abundance, an organization we hope to coordinate with to develop a flea market to include information tables to help residents in the neighborhood plant and care for their gardens.

3.2.6. Eliminating noxious weeds. Spokane County has a board that addresses this issue. Weeds in general in vacant lots and elsewhere are a significant problem; Team 2- Improved housing and commercial buildings and Team 7 seem like logical interest groups to include in this item.

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