Strategy 5. Business & Job Development

Goal:  To promote, develop, and recruit retail, commercial, and industrial businesses in the Greater Hillyard-Northeast Spokane Area that serve residents and attract customers from outside the area in order to create new business and job opportunities resulting in increased wealth for the entire community


5.1. Objective:  To promote, develop, and recruit retail businesses in the GHNEPA area.


5.1.1. Perform a marketing study based on gaps between needed and provided: products and experienced/skilled workers to identify businesses that fit the needs illustrated below. [Project, ongoing process]

5.1.2. Recruit/develop retail businesses: [Process] To take advantage of existing markets (i.e. items people go out of Hillyard to shop for).  The City has information about these potential markets.  They could also potentially supplement existing businesses

that would serve as “meeting places;” coffee shops, cafes or eateries. Get people to linger in the neighborhood and provide meeting space for community groups. Take advantage of other market demands (from outside Hillyard) and bring them to Hillyard.

5.1.3. Within the Historic Hillyard Business District: Create a taxing / funding mechanism (BID, TIF, etc.) to support paying for lighting, maintenance, security, etc. Develop consensus agreement on visual design standards (facades, signage, etc.) to “brand” the neighborhood business district. [Project] Encourage owners to keep businesses open later [Process],

Increase parking.  Explore angled street parking, Greene St. parking, municipally owned land reserved for parking, etc. [Project(s)]

5.1.4. Utilize grassroots/localized/guerilla marketing to promote neighborhood businesses. (i.e. Hobo Bulletin, Social Networks, text messaging, etc.)[Project, ongoing process]

5.1.5. Develop residential/mixed use condos; employee housing. [Project] (Link: Strategy 2)

5.1.6. Create small neighborhood retail center on Beacon Hill (after development build out). [Project]


5.2. Objective: To promote, develop, and recruit  Commercial/Services businesses in the GHNEPA area (Professional, Residential, Business to Business, etc.).


5.2.1 Perform a business opportunity and leakage business study based on gaps between needed and provided goods & services for the NE areas of Spokane that can be satisfied in NE Spokane neighborhoods. [Project, ongoing process]

5.2.2 Recruit/develop commercial/service businesses:

To take advantage of existing markets (i.e. products/services people go out of Hillyard for).

To meet other market demands (from outside Hillyard) and bring them to Hillyard.

Services that will be required as our neighborhood develops; encourage/support development with associated services.

Utilizing commercial condo business spaces.

5.2.3 Further develop existing internet service infrastructure.  Pool businesses to maximize value.  Explore FM repeater and Wi-Fi. [Project] (Link: Strategies 6 & 7)

5.2.4 Recruit/develop a lodging/multipurpose center (e.g. Hilton Garden Inn) with hotel/motel rooms and multipurpose facilities for meetings, events, etc. to serve truckers/travelers and businesses who need overnight and meeting facilities.  Locate adjacent to NSC at Wellesley or Francis. [Project]


5.3. Objective: To promote, develop, and recruit Industrial/Manufacturing in the GHNEPA area, particularly in the East Hillyard industrial zone.


5.3.1. Create a Master Plan (via economic development planning) for East Hillyard’s Industrial Park (HIP) including: [Long term project, ongoing process] Tax funding mechanism (BID/TIF, etc.).  Hire a professional, qualified staff person to specifically manage HIP Tax Funding Organization. Infrastructure improvements (Link: Strategy 6): power, roads, transportation mode transfer points, communications, water, sewer, walkability, etc. Branding: focus (e.g., “green” and/or jobs-producing, primary industry or intermediate go-betweens, manufacture or distribution or marketing), design elements & standards needed/desirable in an industrial area, signage, etc. Marketing: existing businesses and opportunities for new businesses/transplants, advantages (tax deferments, HUB Zone, etc.), etc. Integrate inventory of available and needed resources/raw materials below.

5.3.2. Identify/Inventory available and needed resources and/or raw materials readily available to Hillyard industry.  [Project, ongoing process, part of master plan]

5.3.3. Recruit & Develop: New manufacturing businesses, businesses identified by the master plan and needs study and businesses that support manufacturing (transportation, raw materials, infrastructure, distribution, marketing, etc.)[Processes]

5.3.4. Establish the Manufacturing Development Center (MDC).  MDC would include light manufacturing incubator, skills training, product development center, manufacturing process and management development, commercialization support to develop companies and skilled workers for the HIP.  Mann Hall would be the preferable location, but the properties across Market that are to be vacated by WSDOT during the NSC construction may be another possibility.  [Project, ongoing process to support above HIP businesses]


5.4. Objective: To develop general mechanisms and programs that will support all three objectives above.

5.4.1. Create a new business support organization (or other entity with similar functions), with strong local community ties (e.g. Hillyard Commerce Club, Booster Club, Business Alliance, Chamber-of-Commerce-like-functions): [Project] Hire professional qualified staff person to support businesses & business organization. Provide assistance-in-business planning to existing and new businesses.  Consider funding methods to make this available on a permanent basis. Encourage multipurpose incubator buildings – small or start-up businesses working together to take advantage of large facilities; synergize businesses, similar to what the Spokane Valley Chamber of Commerce is currently doing. Develop a business communication strategy similar to the “one voice” concept utilized by our community organizations to spread information and unite feedback. Develop reciprocal agreements with other Chamber of Commerce organizations (Valley Chamber, West Plains Chamber, Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Community Minded Enterprises, etc.) Execute existing plans for a business “welcome wagon”/”ambassadors” committee to welcome in new businesses, giving them a single point of contact for their information about the Hillyard business community. Organize and bring together all sources of available business funding/ create a financial roundtable.  Assist both start-up businesses and for growing existing businesses.


5.4.2. Marketing/Promoting of Hillyard:  [Process] Promote existing businesses and services. Recruit entrepreneurs to Hillyard by promoting opportunities: businesses that can locate anywhere and businesses to fit local needs Utilize the Business Association to promote the neighborhood’s history and current business opportunities. Promote Hillyard’s HUB Zone status.  Recruit/develop businesses that would benefit from it.  (Construction, architects, engineers, lawyers, service providers, manufacturers, etc.) Promote Hillyard (especially Historic District) via tourism sectors (chamber of commerce, CVB, Wash State Tourism Board, etc.) Improve the community image through branding:  Historic Hillyard theme in the retail district, creation of the Hillyard Industrial Park, enhanced PR for community achievements, etc.


5.4.3. Recruit/develop vertically linked/cluster businesses (co-op contractors, manufacture products using apprentice/trainee labor, provide good employee benefits, and have a storefront to sell the products and/or provide plant tours to attract tourists.)  Produce from East Hillyard Master plan and other studies above. [Processes] 


5.4.4. Take advantage of local education training (i.e. SCC hydraulic systems) and encourage businesses utilizing those skills.
[Process] (Link: Strategy 8)

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