Strategy 8: Expanding Educational Opportunities

Goal:  To support, improve, and expand educational opportunities for all ages leading to better careers, an enriched civic life, and the rewards of lifelong learning.


8.1 Objective: To support Our Students & Schools.


8.1.1. Real community support for Rogers – Hillyard Boosters

8.1.2. Make education feel important to students and residents

8.1.3. More outside resources for children and youth, not just social and emotional, but also academic

8.1.4. Develop a mentor program; real after-school tutoring (3:00 – 6:00)

8.1.5. Evening tutoring for parents and students

8.1.6. Community and resident leaders go to the schools to help change perceptions of what Greater Hillyard wants for its youth.

8.1.7. Meet with student groups to determine their needs and priorities (surveys are not permitted).

8.1.8. Invite and sponsor more youth involvement in community activities and services.

8.1.9. Change perceptions of youth, what do we expect from them, how they can help their community.

8.1.10. Support real educational achievement

8.1.11. Address homelessness among the student population

8.1.12. Address students going hungry

8.1.13. Supporting the positive Community Minded Enterprises, Youth Retreat (Masonic Basement) Big Brother / Big Sister Program N.E. Youth Center

8.1.14. Interaction with the School District

Critique District 81 when things go wrong at school

Volunteer/initiate programs and ideas to address the critique

Conduct supplemental programs until they cooperate

8.1.15. Rocky the Goat attending school events

8.1.16. Programs

Youth in Government program

Odyssey of the Mind Program

Boat building projects to bring students and adults in the community together in a cooperative way

8.1.17. Sponsorship/mentoring from the community for the schools and students

8.1.18. Competitions

Green competitions

Science competitions (Robotics)

High School Academic Bowl (Knowledge Bowl)

8.1.19. Engage the Rogers H.S. alumni

8.1.20. Lions Club (Optics)

8.1.21. Educate the school board about the realities of Hillyard

8.1.22. Neighborhood News Letter (Hobo)


8.2 Objective: To Develop a Community School Program for All Ages


8.2.1.  Use elementary schools more fully as “mini-community” centers starting with  parenting classes, healthy eating/nutrition classes, evening tutoring for parents and students, recreation (simple exercising, dancing) events.

8.2.2 Community schools, the schools serve as mini community centers.

8.2.3 Schools/churches that have variety of community services, including community classes, health care, physical activities.

8.2.4 Civic education, classes for gardening.

8.2.5 Related: Have some services throughout area, not just all in one location.

8.2.6 Parks department has an agreement with the schools to use them. Make use of these facilities.

8.2.7 California state model toolkit for dealing with school districts/boards (Heleen Dewey)

                Obstacle: Closed campuses for schools


8.3 Objective: To Expand Technical & Skills Education


8.3.1.  Manufacturing/industrial training schools.

Inform the community about the educational requirements for locally available jobs

8.3.2.  Promote/develop apprenticeship programs

8.3.3.  Organizations to involve:   Workforce Development Council   Spokane Regional Labor Council   Manufacturing Roundtable


8.4 Objective: Work to get a non-partisan school board member from Greater Hillyard

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