Strategy 9: Extending Services & Church Involvement

Goal: To build on existing services by providing a wider range of needed services for all age groups and to make them more conveniently available.


9.1 Objective: To increase Public Information, Outreach, & Access.


9.1.1 Develop a resource list of what is available to support families, children, teens, and seniors.  Include government programs, non-profits, faith based, schools, etc.

9.1.2 More use of church membership to do community outreach – meet in social halls, participate in this planning process.

9.1.3 Provide transportation to community events, services, and educational opportunities for those who lack the means to get there.

9.1.4 Have some services throughout the area; not just all in one location.

9.1.5 Vista volunteers

9.1.6 WA State 211 program

9.1.7 Develop a localized resource list and contact

9.1.8 Promote carpool volunteerism

9.1.9 Community bus charters for specific events


9.2 Objective: Expanded Youth Services


9.2.1 Establish a teen center, particularly focused on at-risk-teens but available to all.  Offer activities, community involvement projects, education about crime and violence.

9.2.2 Create non-alcoholic teen center open in afternoons and weekends for music, conversation, games, movies, study space.

Inform youth of available services.

9.2.3 City to offer free recreational programs for youth.

9.2.4 Productive activities for youth to combat boredom and vandalism.

9.2.5 Build in the existing organizations such as Boys & Girls Club, Spokane Youth Sports, NEYC.

9.2.6 More youth involvement in community activities and improvement.

9.2.7 More safe houses for kids.

9.2.8 Access for youth to speak to police on 1 to 1 basis.

9.2.9 Block Parents


9.3 Objective: Additional Senior Services


9.3.1 Support for families caring for the elderly.

9.3.2 More senior activities.

9.3.3 Provide transportation to community events for those lacking a means to get there.

9.3.4 Have some services throughout the area; not just all in one location.

9.3.5. Respite Workers

9.3.6. Training

9.3.7. Introduction to the healthcare profession

9.3.8. Form a support group for elder care

9.3.9. Obtain Health Department assistance


9.4 Objective: New Types of Services


9.4.1 Community/Group walks either just for health or as fundraisers.

9.4.2 Exercise for veterans.

9.4.3 Keep library open just a little longer.

9.4.4 Work to attract a downtown Hillyard minor emergency clinic.

9.4.5 Provide help for those who need it for keeping up their homes.

9.4.6 Day care opening earlier.

9.4.7 Free music lessons.

9.4.8 Tie free lessons to bringing back the Hillyard Marching Band


9.5 Objective: More Church Involvement


9.5.1 More church involvement in community organizations.

9.5.2 Encourage people to practice their faith.

9.5.3 More cooperation and coordination between all our different churches to support our neighborhood non-profits.

9.5.4 Churches working together more.

9.5.5 Encourage local pastors, priests, and congregations to host local meetings to provide a sense of unity so people would participate.

9.5.6 Having a spiritual impact that would raise the quality of life in the community.

9.5.7 More use of church membership for community outreach, host meetings in their social halls, takes part in this planning process.

9.5.8 Encourage acceptance of other faiths throughout the community

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